Wednesday, October 21, 2009


... or little... depending on how you look at it.  We  have news to share!  The Card family is growing!  We are expecting baby Sullivan in February of 2010 and cannot wait to share him with the world. 

While I am feeling great now, this wasn't the case for the first trimester and then some.  I blame the 'joys' of pregnancy for the neglect of the blog over the summer!  I didn't have much to say during that time anyway, except for 'When will this ever end?!'

Now that things are back in order I thought it was a good time to switch our blog name to match our website, which was also updated last April to  Check it out if you get a chance - and feel free to follow us on the blog so you don't miss a beat.  If not, check back often as we are planning on giving this blog a little more LOVE :)

Until next time...

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